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Use the left hand navigation bar to start an online application or to select another service option. An overview of the options is provided below. If you have a Business BCeID that has been registered for use with the Gaming Online Service, scroll to the bottom of this page to Additional Services for Organizations with a BCeID.

Apply Online

Select Apply Online to submit community gaming grant and gaming event licence applications, or to request special approvals (out-of-province travel, capital project, and fair/exhibition). Some types of applications may take a while to complete. Please prepare for your grant or licence application by reviewing the Pre‑Application Information for Gaming Grants or the Pre‑Application Information for Gambling Event Licences before you start your online application.

View Application Status Reports

After you submit an application, you can track where it is in the approval process - select View Application Status Reports.

View Registry Reports

When you select View Registry Reports, a window will open for you to select one of three current gaming registry reports:

  1. Personnel Registry - lists registered gaming workers in B.C.
  2. Equipment Registry - lists certified gaming equipment and lottery schemes.
  3. Corporate Registry - lists registered companies and senior officials in B.C.

File a Complaint

Select File a Criminal or Regulatory Complaint to submit a complaint or allegation of criminal or regulatory wrong-doing in gaming or horse racing in B.C. If you do not wish to file an official complaint under the Gaming Control Act but wish to submit feedback or have a question of a general nature, you can submit the question by sending an e-mail, see Contact Us.

Additional Services for Organizations with a BCeID

Organizations with a Business BCeID that is registered for use with the Gaming Online Service may access additional services. These additional services include the ability to view the status of past and present applications, retrieve copies of correspondence, submit obligatory reports, and view and update profile information.

See Business BCeID Information and Registration to find out how to get a Business BCeID and register it for use with the Gaming Online Service. If your organization already has a registered Business BCeID, click the 'BCeID Sign In' button below.

Secure Sign In - Business BCeID Required