Gaming Worker Photo Requirements and Specifications


You are required to submit electronically with your application one high quality (see specifications below) colour photo taken within the last three (3) months.


  1. The photo may be taken with a digital camera or scanned.
  2. The photo must be saved and submitted in a colour JPEG file format and have a file size more than 200 kB (kilobytes) and less than 2 mB (megabytes).
  3. The photo must be taken against a plain white or light-coloured background with no shadows, reflection or glare, so that your features are clearly distinguishable against the background.
  4. The photo must be clear, sharp and in focus.
  5. The photo must show a full front view of the face and top of the shoulders squared to the camera (the image of the face and shoulders must be centered in the photo). The head must not be tilted.
  6. Your eyes must be open and clearly visible. Photos with red eye effect or red eye alterations are unacceptable. Prescription eyeglasses may be worn if the eyes are clearly visible and there is no reflection or glare. Sunglasses and tinted eyeglasses are unacceptable.
  7. Photo must represent your natural skin tone.
  8. Head coverings for religious beliefs or medical reasons are acceptable provided the eyes, nose and mouth remain clearly visible.

Gaming Worker Photo Sample Note: Not actual size. Refer to the measurements above.

Note: For examples of acceptable and unacceptable photos please see Canadian Passport photo specifications located at: