Ministry of Finance - Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch

Class D Licence - $5,000 or less in gross revenue


Class D Licence - overview
Eligibility Group or organization must include at least three members who take responsibility for the gaming event. Funds raised must be used to benefit a community and/or third party within British Columbia, or an eligible general purpose of your group or organization that provides direct benefit to a third party or the broader community. Details provided in Section 1.2 of Class D Licence - Guidelines and Conditions [PDF].

Individual sports teams are eligible for a Class D Licence.
Expected Gross Revenue $5,000 or less (for a single event or a series of events)
Eligible Events Ticket Raffles
Independent Bingos

For Class D events the maximum permitted price of tickets/bingo cards is $2 each, and the maximum permitted value per prize is $500.
Application Online only
Processing Fee $10.00 (non-refundable)
Processing Time Up to three working days



How to apply for a Class D Licence
Step 1

After ensuring a Class D Licence is appropriate to both your planned gaming event and the revenue you expect to raise, review the following important documents:

If you are not sure that Class D is the correct licence to apply for, please see 'Determining the correct type of licence for your gaming event' on the Licences page.

Step 2 Prepare for your application by gathering required information outlined in the Class D Licence - Pre-Application Checklist [PDF]. Completing an application will be faster and easier if you work through this checklist ahead of time.
Step 3

Proceed to the Online Service page to apply for a Class D Licence.

Step 4

The Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch will respond within three working days of receipt of your application.

To check on an application's status please see the Online Service page or contact the Branch by phone (see the Contact Us page.)

If your application is denied, you may wish to request a reconsideration [PDF].